Ecological approach

Anxious to preserve its exceptional environment, LFDP, with your help, is committed to sustainable development. Discover and take part in our actions.

Reducing and recovering as much waste as possible

Goal: zero food waste

On your arrival, we will give you a yellow garbage bag dedicated to selective sorting.
A compost bin is at your disposal to deposit your food preparation waste or the remains that cannot be consumed by animals (peelings…). We use this compost for green spaces.
Finally, the farm animals will be happy to consume your possible food surpluses (bread, rice, salad, pasta…) which they will recycle into organic waste that will be reused to improve the numerous green spaces of the campsite.
Of course, the campsite proceeds in the same way for the waste produced by its own activities.


Our organic vegetable garden

In our vegetable garden, no chemicals!

Our animals provide the necessary soil improvers, rainwater is collected from gutters. Depending on the seasons and production, the vegetable garden provides our restaurant and grocery store with its tasty fruits and vegetables. What is better than the taste of a real tomato!

As part of our activities, we offer young and old  the opportunity to take part in the harvests (depending on the season and production). You can also exchange with our gardener Mathieu, who will tell you all about his vegetable garden with passion.


key players

In addition to the recycling of certain waste, our donkeys and sheep participate in the keeping of the green spaces by consuming the various grasses which would otherwise end up by invading the campsite’s meadows. By moving them around our land according to the seasons, our herbivores avoid us using agricultural machinery that generates CO2.

As part of our activities, we offer young and old 
to participate in the feeding of the animals to get  to know them better.

Reasonable consumption of Water, electricity and gaz

Objective: Controlling our consumption

In all our activities, we strive to control our consumption of water, electricity and gas.
For example, for most of our lighting we use low-energy light bulbs, the lighting on the campsite’s paths use solar energy.

Without prejudice to your comfort, use as less water, electricity and gaz as posssible.